Website Optimisation

Website Optimisation

What we do at Webbed XP® (Internet Digital Marketing Company Australia) is Website Optimisation. This is the art of promoting clients’ web-page-listing to appear higher-up in search engine rankings on the Results Page. WebbedXP® programs make our clients’ website-pages more favorable to all the search engine’s algorithm’s, that decides on who to show in these highly competitive and profitable positions to be in.

We predominantly work on featuring our clients’ Main target Pages *Organically, which is the search engines most trusted result, and at the very top-of-the search engines page where most people naturally select from and click otherwise known as the *golden triangle. There is more information following in this article featured about other types of search engine result pages results that are regularly displayed. Following shortly is an uncomplicated description of how Organic Optimisation works.

Firstly, the reference we have chosen for the popular and modern art of Website Optimisation why we call it this aswell as referring to it solely as SEO, and why we believe this is the correct and most logical description of this technical art. grasping this will help you to identify and choose the most effective keywords for your brands industry.

Most people call the Practice SEO
Technical industries love acronyms, hence in this case S-E-O stands for Search Engine Optimisation 

. In the early days this was mostly accepted as the reference to our industry, and it has so far cemented.

This term in our view is incorrect; it is not the search engine being optimised but it is the web-site. We recognised this in early days, and it has continued as our belief at Webbed XP® that Search Engine Optimisation and especially its popular acronym, will eventually come to represent the early-years (pre – 2009) army of less-skilled algorithm manipulators, otherwise known as ‘Black Hat SEO’s’. I truly wince to even mention the phrase, as I choose and place my words accurately knowing the algorithms are constantly scrutinizing every letter and word-count of each of my article’s content herein.

The direction we chose to us was extremely obvious, we went all out to rank at the top of all the best search engines for the most stable, decisive, relevant, timeless and simple reference – and that is what is known as Website Optimisation. And we continue to do so. You will find us right up at the top of the search engines results pages. We have sustained the position for many years, competing, winning and sometimes lost occasional battles against respectable competition, then battled back and proudly retained our #1 position at the top of the search engines result pages for this so prominent and powerful search category. This is what we call living proof that we are the most successful Website Optimisation company in Australia, UK, New Zealand and the USA.

How Organic Search Optimisation Functions
While the complications and technicalities have increased by one thousand fold over the years, nothing regarding the basics have changed at much at all, over the decade and a half we have examined and practiced this art. Like an automobile that still has a chassis, 4 wheels and a steering wheel, while still evolving today’s vehicles have an incredible amount more extra details, the basic structure has remained the same.

I usually say this too fast, “describe the practice in short term” – Develop the highest quality informative text content for your websites pages, that will captivate inbound links from related informative and authoritative pages.

Do this and your site will boost up in the rankings. It is imperative that your pages feature undoubtedly huge amounts of rich text-content. You need unique and specific content tailored specifically to each of your target-web site pages’ niche subject, parallel to the products or services your business offers.

Rich Content will Earn Natural Back-Links
The target- web page content should be of such excellent high quality that websites in similar industries point links to it. For example; if you were a car manufacturer then you would want to entice links to your upholstery page from the leather or material supplier. Or you would like to attract links from your car paint suppliers site to your ‘choice of colours’ page etc.

This then becomes similar to a voting, endorsement or referral system, where other web sites pages link to your similar niche-specific web pages. If your niche-target-web pages entice natural and high-quality links from trusted resources, then the search engines will trust your page a lot, and rank it higher in its Organic search results pages.

On-Page Organisation and Tasks
In Addition to having super rich-content that attracts quality links niche-uniquely, success also requires a world class execution of technical tasks and structure within the construction-code of your website pages. These tasks are known as ‘On-Page’ Optimisation, “Website Optimisation” cover both on page and off page as it is referring to attracting highest quality related links to your target page as well as the website itself being structured and organised properly, these are the two most significant ingredients to the ultimate Website Optimisation


We describe this in depth, if you’re interested enough please click on our on page seo page article page and we will show you an entire list of technical On-Page we do in the start-up stages of Webbed XP® Website Optimisation programs.

Categorical Types of Results Search Engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo may Display
There are 3 main Categorical Results shown by a Search Engine in the search Results Page. Using Google as an example we have – Organic Results, Pay Per Click mostly known now as “Google Ads” and ‘Google Pin’ Placements on Maps, a commercially used outlay of Google-‘Earth’.

For more info feel free to navigate through our very own informative pages in the links below or make an inquiry and let’s talk!!

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