Don’t be a LEMON! Forget tired, time-consuming methods of B2B
Marketing and join the new generation to maximise revenue for your business.

Created to give complete power back to Sales Organisations

We do not like jargon or junk and we will certainly not ask you to spend money just for brand exposure. We are all about direct personalised contact with your ideal demographic (target client) on your terms. We assist B2B sales companies to re-address the balance of power. Times may have changed, but our obsession for creativity and problem-solving has not. We are driven by our key mission, helping our clients grow their business’s, saving time, money and maximising profits with one simple straight forward solution. Get in touch and kickstart your contact strategy today.

What We Do

At B2BConnector we turbo boost your new business contact strategy. Our team unlocks the extreme power of your LinkedIn profile. We make personal introductions directly to thousands of your ideal demographic (target clients). Our goal is not to sell your product or service, it is to create a warm conversation between you and your ideal customer. It’s the most direct, personal, transparent and cost-effective method of marketing. So why cold call when you can warm call directly to the decision makers without wasting time and budget on a cold call sales team or email marketing team.

What Works Best

At B2BConnector we understand that real people like to speak with real people and that’s exactly what we do! Our dedicated team of connector guru’s connects and starts a warm interaction, leaving you to arrange a warm conversation without having to go through company gate keepers or time wasters and all direct with your ideal customer.

Times have changed, decrease expensive marketing methods like cold calling and maximise your sales with warm direct contact with your ideal client. Only at B2B Connector Australia with Webbed XP – Inquire now

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1,000 – 1250 connection requests

Profile Review

Ideal Demographic Reached

Company Profile Set-Up

Dedicated Account Manager


1250 – 1,500 connection requests

30 Day Subscription

Multiple Profile Review & Standardisation

Ideal Demographic Reached

Company Profile Set-Up

Marketing Message Assistant

Dedicated Account Manager


1,500 to 1,750 connection requests

Multiple Profile SEO & Standardisation

Marketing Message Assistant

Dedicated Account Director

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