How long will it take before I see improvements?

This really depends on many things like your geographical areas you target,  the competitiveness of your company’s industry and target search phrases, the size and health condition of your website….the list goes on but we can assist ona case by case basis.


Also it can depend on how long the search engines web crawler/spider  takes to come back and ‘crawl’ your website. If it has been several months or years since you made changes and updated your website, then the Googlebot will be well aware of this and not make frequent returns to your website. If this is the case it could be around several weeks after our work is complete before the serach engines spider/crawler returns to review it.


If the previous condition of your websites health was really bad and we have just done an on page

Search Engine Optimisation overhaul, we can sometimes get a big reaction in 1 to 3 days following the Google crawl.

It also depends on how long the Search Engine crawler takes to crawl and discover the High Authoritative new Back links we are posting to your website.

On average you should expect to wait about three or four weeks before finding some reaction. For highly competitive industries initiating slow moving monthly campaigns, it can take 3 or even 4 months to see something highly pleasing.


Do these results last long or are they temporary?

Often results will hold good for a long time (even months or somtimes years), and sometimes not. It depends on many things including if you have active competition being using an SEO company.

It is a bit like a tug of war, if competition are fighting hard and you are having a rest then you sould expect that you will soon loose your position.


If competition are not using Website Optimisation and are a bit complacent or lazy with their positions then your results should hold. Remember though the competition will certainly know you have taken their position and seek to fight back to ragain it. Soon everybody will be using Search Engine Optimisation to fight for these valuable positions.


If you are actively keeping your content up to date, and regularly adding to your pages after your optimisation campaign, then it is more likely your results will be longer lasting.


If you are actively participating in regular link building campaigns then you can be assured you are doing everything you can to maintain and improve your search engine results.


Are there any ongoing costs?

It is optional; Many past SEO campaigns have set our customers up and years later they are still holding. However this is risky as competition take up competition Australian SEO Agencies that could soon hijack those valuable positions that the business has come to rely on.


We suggest taking your old Yellow Pages budget, Unaddressed mail budget and Junk snail mail campaign budget, and committing that to Search Engine Optimisation. This should be the only form of exposure that you ever need to invest in.

Website Optimisation

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Clients can speak directly to our customer support representatives or account managers over the phone 24/7 and 365 days a year this is the quickest resolution of a customer’s request or issue.

Phone Support is often used for order taking, pre-sales queries, upgrading and audit reporting, troubleshooting etc.

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With online chat a website visitor can open a text chat session is by clicking on a link on our website. The customer support representative interacts with our website visitor or client, understands the requirements, resolves the query and closes the interaction or has the clients account manager call them at the earliest convenience . Chat support is best for small questions and queries but for technical,payment or sales queries we will recommend our phone support.

Email support

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Email is the primary means to offer web-based assistance for our customers when matters do not require an immediate answer. We send all our clients monthly reporting charts to measure our progress via email but back this up with monthly calls if required directly from our clients accounts manager to help with any questions

Social Media

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We have integrated a booking system in to our Facebook page to make it convenient for our customers to arrange a call back from their accounts manager or our inquiry team. Customers are also able to ask questions, register complaints, clarify doubts etc. by interacting with our staff through Facebook messenger. With millions and millions of users now gaining access to social media worldwide, this platform has become as prominent as traditional media methods like phone, live chat and email.

Website health check –

Is your website healthy enough to be placed by Google at the top of the Search Results?
How do search engines select the websites they promote at the Top of the Search Results?
It certainly is not by chance or a random selection! We know exactly what your website needs and we are happy to talk you through it, and even put it in writing for you on a report. This is a Completely Free Service To You, however absolutely not free for us… A webmaster will spend up to three hours checking many elements and fundamentals of your website and carefully tailor make a full report for you to keep and ask questions about.
Additionally we will provide an Website Optimisation consultant for a 20 to 60 minute meeting or phone call with you, all completely free of charge!!
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