Top Tips On Website Design!

Top Tips On Website Design!

Website development and design is not only about building an awesome look or getting an esthetic makeover. It must have great functionallity, search engine suitability and easy navigation to be incorporated into the look that you desire for your company website.

Get comfortable and chat with our expert team and find out more before enjoying some samples of top of the line interactive functional, easy to use websites that are more than suitable for search engines to recommend at the top of the search results.

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Web Design is not only about esthetics

If your WebbedXP marketing campaign is now generating traffic to your website, you want to make sure they don’t ‘bounce’ off and leave the site without reading your webpages . A 50 percent bounce rate means you are losing half of the site visitors you have worked so hard to gain. A ‘bounce’ is a visitor that leaves within seconds of arriving without passing through your website home page to visit your other website pages.

Once you have web traffic, the work begins!

There are a few pivotal rules of thumb that we have worked on in order too keep the visitor’s on the site. Obviously it is critical to immediately look professional and be attractive. The web traffic (your site guests) will be looking for what they need or researching, and what they have just typed into the search engine (keyword phrase)…so it is vital to be very clear about what you present. Many company websites still don’t even tell the website visitor what they do on the home page; and instead waffle about welcoming guest with salesy promises of fantastic second to none over the top jargo regarding their services or a company mission statement.


Esthetically Pleasing Landing Pages, with Enticing Options

The hardest part is creating a compromise between the more popular look that we call ‘white, clean and neat’……and crossing that with the golden rule of serving up lots of enticing options, through links behind attractive tempting buttons. Our solution you are looking at right now in the WebbedXP pages. An esthetically attractive website page starting with ‘primary advertising’ to make it simple and clear what that web page is all about; then big enticing designer buttons neatly placed with as little clutter as possible. This should be followed by unique content, such as this content you are currently reading; to inform the client or customer in detail while obliging the search engines desire for informative and unique original text content.

Website Performance and Navigation

Your website needs to be easy to navigate and have complete functional performance. Your website pages have to offer lots of options, and be easy navigate and simple to not only find your way in but also to find your way back or to what services your looking for….and through to other areas. Now that you have internet traffic on your website home page, you need to draw your guests into your website. You have attracted the right visitors, so make sure you convert them into customers.

Find out more about website performance and navigation in Website Tips and Tricks

Building Business Credibility

In the past businesses have loaned credibility from their partners, suppliers and manufacturers. It was once mission to get a reputable supplier to hand over the art work for their logo design and grant you permission to use it on your website. With websites that is just a simple click, copy and paste… everybody does it until the supplier catches up with them and puts an end to it. Much like a water tank company who may feature a Bluescope steel branding logo.

A better way to build genuine credibility is to use your own track record, by asking your real customers to make a comment about the service or products you have provided. Using genuine customer references throughout your website provides a genuine credible comfort to the prospective customer or client.

So design is not just about how you visibly look, but how you come across.. Its pivotel to do all these things, as well as looking good.

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