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“Webbed XP specializes in top of the range responsive website solutions”

Webbed XP creates content rich websites and integrates them with useful tools for our client controlled content. Admin access via your own internet browser allows you to edit text, images, links and build new pages without the need for coding. Our knowledge in the area of search engine and social media marketing will keep your site highly relevant and help you sustain that visibility. For a list of samples and services see below.

Design and Development Website Hosting Solutions
Graphic User Interface designShared, VPS, Dedicated, Cloud
Responsive technologyPHP Development
SEO (Search Engine Optimization).NET Development
Social Media IntegrationColdFusion Development
CMS (Content Management System)MySQL Databases
Custom web/mobile applicationsMS Web 2008 SQL Server
Database integrationWebmail
E-commerce, Shopping solutionsMail Exchange
Web banners, sliders - JS, HTML5SSL Certificates
Application languages include: JAVASCRIPT, HTML, ASP, .NET, PHP, Cold Fusion24/7/365 monitoring/firewall security



Custom Designs • SEO Optimized • Easy CMS

Take Control of Your Websites Content

Webbed XP builds versatile, easy-to-use unique WordPress websites that give you full control of your website and content, which you can simply/easily update as your business evolves.

Work directly with our top of the line developers to create a website that gives your customers a clear vision of your brand, products, services and personality.

Your blog will be hosted straight on your website, making all of your content easily accessible by your websites traffic.

Target specific ideas and topics with your websites pages to draw in an abundance of new visitors.

5 Key Benefits of

WordPress Development

WordPress is highly regarded as one of the easiest, most candid platforms to use, making it easy for you to manage your website on a daily/weekly/monthly/yearly basis. The simplicity gives you more freedom to focus on the unique content of your site rather than building it. No prior coding experience is needed to manage or modify your site’s unique content on the CMS, as evidenced by the fact that 33% of the internet is now powered by WordPress.

Each page of your website will be built in close collaboration with you to fit your unique brand/persona. We work directly with your team to create a glorified web experience that highlights your personality and that your customers will quickly identify with your brand. Webbed XP is a full-service premier digital marketing agency that can help you customize your user experience in the way your market will recipricate.

The coding used for WordPress websites is streamlined and easily indexed by all search engines, which means adding new unique content and getting ranked by search engines rapidly is easier than ever before. Every page of your site will be optimized with tags, meta descriptions, and much more to target specific keywords or phrases for search. With more focused web traffic to your website, you will rank higher than your competitors in search for your services and thus find more qualified leads and inquiries.

A constant stream of both new, unique and relevant content on your website will set you apart as a chief in your industry. WordPress makes it simple for you to create and share your content, giving you a platform for conversation with your customers through your blogs and comments on them. This open communication will turbo boost traffic on your website and increase the reputation of your brand in your industry.

A mobile-optimized website should be a fundamental part of your digital marketing strategy. Having a mobile-friendly site puts your brand at the fingertips of individuals on their phones whilst on their commute, while they travel, in an emergency, or at home on the couch. WordPress’s responsive design adapts your website to any screen it is being viewed on, including both iOS , Android systems, and Windows systems which gives you the freedom to design a website that isn’t mobile-specific while still reaching the greatest number of people.

Improve your website’s Mobile Web Performance with Webbed XP AMP Services

Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) rolled out in early 2016. The project’s leading purpose is to advance the overall performance of mobile websites by eradicating unnecessary scripts and elements, to make way for lightning-fast performance and delivery of website assets.

1 years after Google’s AMP launch, around 910,000 websites published AMP pages – 1.6 billion AMP pages in total. This number increased to 32 million publishers and 6 billion AMP pages after just another year.


Ecommerce Focused Web Design

Your website is more than just a brochure or reference. Your website is meant to inspire action and entice traffic and inquiries. Webbed XP websites give the user a clear simplified pathway to this action (business/sale). Useful information is easy-to-understand and compelling, while strong calls/movement push them through to the next phase of the buyer’s journey. With a clean, fresh and intuitive UI/UX design, mobile compatibility and superfast page load speeds, you’ll see more completed inquiries , purchases, higher average order value and return of investment for your improved online brand or store.

Deliver an online experience that exceeds user expectations and delivers crystal clear business results.

Website Design Case Studies

At Lounge Webbed XP, form follows function. This means we build attractive, unique, eye-catching websites, sure, but the entire design starts with understanding your business goals and strategic approach to achieve them. See how our expansive results-driven approach in creative and responsive design will generate the business outcomes you demand. Inquire now and have one of our experts give you a call.

What Does Your Ecommerce Website Need to Succeed?

When we build e-commerce websites, we always focus on features, functionality and design. Your online business will have a beautiful, stand-out and unique customized web presence, but to achieve your e-commerce sales targets you’ll also need the classic features of today’s best selling online stores and shopping cart platforms. As a business owner/director, you need tools that fit with your business procedures and admin features to manage your website. Here at Webbed XP we provide 24 hours customer support to assist you with any queries or technical support required


UX/UI • Technology • QA

Our App Development Services

Our app development services are sought after from small independent venture capital start-ups to the very biggest corporate companies in the world. Our IOS and Android app developers are always excited to bring something special to our clients’ app creation projects. We work in all existing programming languages and adhere to Apple and Google’s guidelines for best user experiences. We can also take these choice practices and work in technologies like Xamarin on the front-end and Python Django for web services and content. We love hearing new ideas such as tools for quoting tiling jobs with built in measuring tools and products with pricing for simplifying quotes or whether it be a customer services app for clients to access an online service. So give us a call or make an inquiry and lets have a chat.

Our Approach to App Development

Hand in hand lets create a great App together. Our in-house and super-smart mobile app creation team are passionate about constructing the next big app for you. Mobile app development/creation projects must be carefully planned to ensure best success. Our app project managers and app developers work closely everyday and always keep clients interests at a pivotal high high level. Our app development team works side by side with our UX and our UI gurus to ensure quality best practices in user mobile experience are always adhered so our clients vision can become a reality.

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