SEO or Website Optimisation

SEO or Website Optimisation

What does SEO actually mean? It basically is the initials of Search Engine Optimisation… so what does that mean? Who in reality optimizes search engines? Well, The only people optimising a search engine are the employees working at that specific search-engine company; they will optimize their search engines intelligence to select and refer the most enlightening, relevant, informative and up to date web pages available, relating to what the user is searching for.

So what do these SEO companies actually do then?? Optimize websites… to make the website more enticing to the search engine; searching it’s referral. Optimization of websites being mistakenly referred to as “SEO” is a subject that we at Webbed XP® have disputed for many years, and we predict the eventual downturn of the ever so popular initials “SEO”. So now to cover all basis we choose to optimize our own site for most simple reference to the art … “website optimization“ and also “SEO” .

Now a days , the most popular industry claim seems to be that “SEO is finished”, or “SEO as we know it is done!”. I have found many articles like this of late, but nothing that really dissect it and explain properly, with no real suggestions or solutions such as I attempt to offer shortly. The articles are about the forthcoming end of “SEO”. So what does Webbed XP® think of that? We think it is great! Because supposedly “SEO” as we know it is only link building… more specifically volumes of dummy links directing/pointing to a websites main page.

If you are an “SEO” company and you are worrying about your clients and hence your business, then keep reading; because we have been waiting and preparing for this for a long time, and I am always thrilled to reveal my thoughts and predictions. This is not only what is to come this year, but also beyond. Just like we did many years ago, liaising and thinking and then predicting, we are now thinking and predicting what is to follow on from this; I will reveal more towards the end of this article.

The Link Building Strategy
The strategists and tacticians at Google are well aware that “SEO’”companies think they know that if they direct enough (anchor-text) links to a website home page, then it will move up in the search engines results for the anchor-text used in that inbound link.

Many ‘SEO’ companies know it should look like the links are occurring organically / naturally, however few “SEO’’companies go to the effort of making it look like the main/home page really is attracting links naturally. Most “SEO’ companies still go ahead and use the well out dated automatic linking soft wares available to place huge volumes of lower quality links, from drastically low quality suspect pages that are already saturated with other phony toxic links. This traditional form of “SEO” is already dead I agree completely!!

We make no secret of our strategy at Webbed XP®, to use a medium volume of carefully strategically placed high quality links from informative well trusted sources… this is nothing new, you can read our other web-pages all about how we use the highest quality links.

It goes a lot deeper – There are two main reasons the industry is worried or in a frenzy over the prediction that “SEO” is soon to dramatically evolve or die, and abandon “link building”.

Firstly – many “SEO’”companies are supporting and ramping up the theory that the “all new” Google algorithm is to abandon link building only because they have no idea how to serve links adequately, and acquiring decent links is extremely difficult work and hard to mimic. Nor do most folk know where to source effective specialized premium links from, or how to build their own super powerful back-links. Therefore they welcome with open arms that argument that the algorithm is reverting backwards to “On-Page” programming. Inept or lazy “SEO” companies would relish to get back to the old school days of tweaking websites keywords, coding and content in order to improve and rise up positions in the results.

Secondly – Because Search Engines want us to believe this; as it is a widely regarded fact that serving links improves a websites positions in a search, and most “SEO’”companies think they have manipulated the search engine this way, and many actually could have. This is not Search engines moving away from the link building it self, but a greater move from volume of poor links to quality links from genuine informative and trusted web site pages with links that appear more naturally occurring. The ‘SEO’ industry has previously geared itself to build phony or dummy links and openly refers to itself as “back-link” builders. Therefore the search engines clearly would want to constantly make itself less vulnerable to “SEO’ companies who are trying to manipulate the web site page results that it chooses to refer.

To be successful in optimizing web pages, one has to think about “what does Google want?” Over years I have spent thousands of hours contemplating this question…

Search engines want to give us access to information that can offer refer to additional knowledge between sources via the relevant necessary links, throughout an astute network of up to date, high quality website pages.

So why would search engines disregard referring pages that link together with different quality more knowledgeable pages?

In short, it will not happen.

A Successful Optimisation
The success of Webbed XP® is hugely down to our desire to please the search engine, rather than manipulating it or tricking it in to referring our customers pages.

At Webbed XP® meetings I often bring up “how would we explain ourselves if the search engines algorithm became so super advanced with intelligence that it turned into a human, walked in to our work place and asked ‘so what are you guys up to here?’

Now we would want an extremely good explanation to save all of our clients business’s that rely on their rankings for business, as well as our own business! I continually present our work in a transparent way that I could honestly answer by saying “Mr. Search Engine, we are doing only what I am now doing on this very page right here; and that is publishing genuine high quality up to date information, and offering the relevant links to other related pieces of similar quality information online”.

Our own website ranks very highly on all search engines not only because of the quality links but this forthcoming of information you consume first hand as you read this article

This Era and beyond
Early in this article I promised to make (a brave) prediction of what I think is to happen in years to come – I fully believe success in gaining referrals from the search engine algorithm will involve the efficient use of links such as the volume of organic traffic through it. I believe search engines will monitor not just what users are actively doing as they move throughout web sites pages on the same web site (visitor behavior) but assess more deeply their behavior as they move between the websites pages of information via the quality links between them. A much stronger judgment of popular user behavior is what I am predicting will dictate optimization outcome much more in the future. One reason why I predict this is because nobody can mimic this, or it would be extremely difficult to manipulate. It is also one hundred percent proof of a network of genuine useful information.

Website Optimisation Will Never Ever Die
The fact is as long as there is a Google, Bing, Yahoo or other search engines, someone’s web pages must always rank at the top of it, and there always must be a legitimate reason why their page is there. While optimizes can reverse-engineer to discover what that reason is for it to rank so high, the art of Website Optimisation will live on forever!!

If my predictions are in fact correct, then what we must do to oblige the search engines is to provide a bank of interlinked, quality information, relevant and modern up to date knowledge, of which our target website pages become a part of for a fair share of all the traffic.
Eventually with optimisation it wont matter so much if your web page is actually at the top of the search engine or not, rather that it entices traffic through the links from the pages that are there.

Stuart York
Founder and Managing Director Webbed XP ®

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    very interesting stuff, Does go Viral help with SEO?

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    • webbedxpadmin Reply

      Yes,Good question.. They work hand in hand as “Go Viral PR” gets your website published with high quality premium back links reffering to your webpage. Please hit the chat now button to talk further. Thanks

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